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Our team

We keep hearing that it is different to work with Living Internet. Why? We are dynamic, solution-oriented and the customer benefit is our focus.

Patrick Uwiß

Senior Sales Advisor

Jonathan Klug

Sales Consultant

Maximilian Schneider

Sales Consultant

Thomas Steden

Senior Advisor

Semra Dogan

Team Assistance

Cigdem Uyar

Team Assistance

Rainer Heck

Senior Marketing Consultant

Björn Wesarg

Managing Director

Our team.
At your service.

With our offer, we provide medium-sized companies with a high-end system that can systematically work the desired market. The technology behind Living Internet is comparable to a 1000 HP Formula 1 racing car. In order to bring this power on the road, we take the time to discuss the race track and all relevant parameters with each customer in a personal meeting before placing an order.