White Label Solutions for Your Success

Other than custom-made software solutions that meet every client’s individual needs, we also offer finished software products. All these products are designed as white label solutions. This white label production means that the product is technically operated by us, but it is perceived as a part of your business and your brand. Our solutions are well-thought-out, scalable to your needs, and have been established in the market.

We provide the technology for you to achieve greater turnover, increase customer loyalty, or gain new ones.

White-Label Lösungen

White Label Product: Powerplay (formerly Vurturo)

Put into simple worlds, Powerplay is an online shop that specializes in the sale of IT products, such as hosting, domains, servers, crawling, and much more. This enables the end customer to buy classic providing products within the shop. We additionally provide the option to add services to shop- like web design, banner creation, or the programming of WordPress, Typo3, or other web systems. All this by itself would not be revolutionary. However,  Powerplay offers all this from one single source. This means, if a customer orders dedicated servers and a couple of domains, Powerplay installs them automatically. If your customer orders individual adjustments that cannot be made automatically, but require personal assistance, Powererplay automatically acquires the right employees from an HR pool and tasks them with the job while preparing the invoice and and taking care of the project management.. Your end customer does not notice any of this and only perceives your business, your brand, and your products or services. Of course, Powerplay is also able to prepare the invoice for end consumers based on a prepaid system or integrated payment providers.

You take care of business, your brand, and your product offer- Powerplay is responsible for a big part of what is left. Without having you lift as much as a finger.

Powerplay at a glance:

  • software-as-a-service
  • fully-integrated sales and online shop software
  • pre-configured for IT products (hosting, domains, webdesign, …)
  • HR resource management
  • project management Active Collab (Kanban, Scrum)
  • automatic invoice management

We will gladly talk with you about other white label products that we offer. Just ask us!