We simply develop good software.

Living Internet was founded almost 10 years ago during our studies at university. Throughout the next few years, we have developed a lot of software, including programs to crawl millions of web sites and interpret their results based on our customer’s needs – every day. Even though we have not worked in a garage in many years, we are still doing the same thing with the same passion today. We love developing software for you.

Even though we have not worked in a garage for many years, we are still doing the same thing with the same passion. We love developing software for you. Very good software.

Software Development

We are certified experts in the programming languages PHP, Java, and Perl. Additionally, we rely on standard systems such as Typo 3, WordPress, and Joomla in addition to shop systems such as OS Commerce and Prestashop.

Hybrid Development

We have over 30 developers readily available every day. This enables us to combine the very best of two world:  Project management from Germany and low software development costs from Eastern Europe.

150 Project References

On request, we will gladly send you a list of our references. They include individual solutions for video portals, booking systems, and web apps.

NEW: Body Leasing

Of course, we offer a rather traditional collaboration during projects and can do this as a white label service provider. However, now, we can even offer you our talented employees completely so that they work for your company entirely. Only yours.

New: Body Leasing with Living Internet

The classic collaboration between your company and ours starts with a clearly defined and mapped-out project. After successful completion of this project, there is always the option of further development or entering into a maintenance agreement. What’s really new is our body leasing. Your business now has the opportunity to have access to  our highly qualified employees from our own employee base. We are proud to not only offer you software developers, but also include project and quality managers in our portfolio who work for a fixed price and time frame for your company.

With your help and input, we will put together the perfect team for the needs of your business and support you in the following key areas:

  • coverage of temporary capacity bottlenecks
  • Adhoc-qualified IT-personnel
  • predictable and calculable costs and project time frame
  • strict German nondisclosure agreements

Of course, all employees remain on our own payroll, yet, they work for you and your company. Your contractual business partner also remains the same: It is always Living Internet GmbH which is based and registered in Germany.

The very best of two worlds: Hybrid Development

Currently, we have access to an employee pool of around 30 developers and project managers who have been employed directly with us for many years or work with us as freelance collaborators. The bigger portion of our employee base works at our head office in Frankfurt, Germany, the smaller in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Both parts go hand in hand, which allows us to offer our clients this fascinating silver bullet:

  • Projekt management, planning, and quality management from Germany
  • exceptionally great value with low hourly rates and a strong IT focus and specialization from the Ukraine.

This enables us to keep doing what we love: Projecting. But now we are simply able to do this at a much lower cost. Don’t hesitate to ask us about this exciting hybrid and we will gladly find the best combination of both worlds for your business.