With us, every project is under control!

We are often contacted by new clients for two reasons: to support new projects professionally from the initial briefing to the project rollout or to bring a misguided project back on the right tracks.

“You are the firefighters for our IT projects” is what our clients tell us for one simple reason: We save external software projects!


Highly skilled employees

We offer your business rapid access to highly qualified industrial engineers and software engineers for your own projects. All of our employees have years of experience in project management which your business can now benefit from as well.

Project status in real-time

Our project management counts on the agile and transparent methods of Kanban and Scrum. Our managing director, managers, and teams all have access to your project using the software solution of the world market leader JIRA.

Your project is overheating?

Our external teams can come to you and help on location of your project. We take over or support your current project management team all the way to the successful delivery of your project. -Because we are the firefighters for your software projects!

The key phases of your project


From the initial briefing to the strategy

Everything always starts with an idea and a briefing. This will be the foundation for our assessment after signing a nondisclosure agreement. Next, we provide you with the results of an ABC analysis with possible proposals for solution. After your evaluation, we will calculate the cost for the project based on your selection and present to you our complete strategy.


From implementation to QA

During the realization phase of your project, our managing director, managers, and teams have access to our web tool to oversee the progress we have made. Starting at the software development, we believe in retrograde, proactive quality assurance, consider feedback of our clients, test usability, and constantly present intermediate results.


Documentation and delivery

A crucial part of the presentation of the new development is its complete and detailed documentation. This ensures smooth and easy maintenance and support in the future and significantly eases further enhancements. Every project is finalized with its acceptance by our clients. Then it is possible to enter into a maintenance agreement or plan the next phase of your project.

NEW: ISO 9001 Certification and IT Auditing

The requirements for a quality management system based on ISO 9001 ensre that the expectations of private sector as well as institutional clients are fully met. Getting the ISO 9001 certification for your business therefore signalizes your customers that you fulfill these requirements. The ISO 9001 certification process is conducted by independent certification bodies and generally valid for a limited period of time. We assist businesses with their first-time or recertification and guide them through all necessary steps of preparation.  We do not conduct the certification ourselves, but set you and your business up for a successful ISO 9001 audit and guide you through the entire process. In addition to our quality management, we are happy to assist you with additional topics regarding IT auditing, such as IT security and data protection in your company.