IT Services & Providing

Once standard providing becomes too small for your business, chances are high you will realize that the number of professional providers is just as small. High-availability clusters, DDoS protection, managed services with short response times, and many more services all ensure one thing: your business stays on line. Living Internet offers maintenance, de-escalation and escalation of fault, and security engineering.

With us, you do not just get a little more service. It is all-embracing providing.

IT-Services & Providing

All standard services

Of course, you can obtain domains, managed servers, custer hosting, and managed services from us. To make things things even easier for you, all these services are administered through our web interface, competitively billed, and monitored by our 24/7 technical support team.

High availability

We can ensure high availability mainly because of two things: sufficient server performance and defense mechanisms against malicious attacks. Our cluster hosting offers you a cloud of readily available freely scalable servers that are protected against DDoS attacks by our firewall.

Maintenance and backup

For all installed server systems, we offer continuous updating, rolling backups, monitoring, and de-escalation and escalation within 4 hours. This regular service is part of our maintenance agreement with you. Of course, it can also be acute and case-related when you need us to be the firefighters for your IT projects.

Security audit

Even regularly updated and well-maintained systems can have weaknesses. Whether it is the operating system or its installed applications, our standardized security audits and penetration tests detect possible flaws and let us correct them instantly.

Key aspect: high availability clusters and DDoS protection

Even with server and hardware redundancies, such as RAID hard drives, network components and network interface cards can fail. Therefore, the key to high availability systems is not having one better server, but having several of them! Hot-Stand-By-Server work surprisingsly simmple: if one server crashed, another takes its place arbeiten (system redundancy). Of course, on the technical side, things are much more complex, because all servers have to synchronize constantly in order to be aligned. Ideally, the servers are also not in the same data center, but accommodated in separate locations (geo redundancy). Of course, data backups cannot only restore the most recent server status, but also a former state (rolling backup). We add to all this our competitive pricing and experienced 24/7 customer support as well as high-duty routing hardware and firewalls, which recognize DDoS attacks and protect your network.

Key aspect: managed services

Managed services by Living Internet are actually two different services under one umbrella term. On the one hand, part of administrating your server is the continuous maintenance of all systems,  the execution of backups, and the installation of security updates for the operating system as well as all low-level software (e.g. server software and additional services such as mail and FTP servers).  We ensure with this that the most recent software is installed on our servers at any time in order to avoid potential security holes within out-dated software and potentially offer even better, new security measures. On the other hand, we are constantly monitoring your servers and examine if and how quickly your servers respond correctly. If, for some reason, this is not the case, we ensure you that we will notice and guarantee a response time of 4 hours. Living Internet offers administration as well as monitoring within the scope of our maintenance agreements that are in line with the industry standards. Furthermore, we are focused on the de-escalation and escalation of faults and ahoc when you need assistance fast. As always, we are the reliable IT firefighters you can count on.