Data Mining:
We crawl the answer.

Just like gold miners  search their claim for nuggets, we search the Internet for valuable information. With over 80 million worldwide inquiries per day, we bring clarity about search engine positioning, current market prices of similar products and services, and much more to our clients.

The ideal data basis for SEO, digital marketing, and big online shops.


Google Crawling

Our main focus lies on Google and Amazon because of their dominant market positions, but to be honest, we are capable of crawling any search engine you like. Our analyses cover a wide spectrum- from determining your position in the organic search result to balancing and optimizing the AdWords budget of your own and foreign web sites.

Leads und New Clients

An agile field staff can search about a dozen regular web sites and other sources of information per day. Based on this information, you can determine whether approaching this potential new client is worth the try or Our crawler can search thousands of web sites. Every day. Fully automated.

Price Crawling

Prices crawling makes it possible to compare your own prices for products and services to other current market offers and adjust them if necessary. This enables you to recognize price ceilings and floors quickly, minimize commissions, and optimize your own prices. We are especially experienced in the tourism sector and with consumer goods.

Our current IP network consists of more than 1300 class c networks in a cloud infrastructure with 600 nodes

This network can be administered comfortably through a web surface with regard to crawling requests as well as their results. Here, we differentiate between raw data (technically raw HTML data) and processed data (analysis of HTML data and presentation of results in database-oriented or table form)

You can choose yourself:

  •  we can offer raw data in real-time, their analysis and preparation is your own choice and responsibility
  • computationally intensive data is pre-processed an provided with a time delay. Yet, they can be used by you immediately once received.

Furthermore, our network is capable of using different geo locations in order to receive local results. We can also easily recognize  and overcome barriers, such as IP blocking, by using adaptive forecasting algorithms.

Whatever questions you might have for the Internet. We will crawl the answer.