About Us: Living Internet

We could simply ask you to check out our references and point to the successful collaboration with international businesses such as Hoosh Technology, Searcus.dk, Bamat Capital AG, Novasol, and Quantads. However, after checking out the pages of our web site, we are sure you have noticed that we have a different approach. We love to think outside the box and to discover unconventional solutions to a problem. We are determined to support and work with small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups. And we are ready to be in the front line. The statement of one of our clients describes our attitude very well: “You are the firefighter company.”

We let your IT projects grow

Living Internet has its home base in Frankfurt, Germany, and specializes in software development and IT outsourcing. We are always passionate to work with clients in Europe that are looking for long-term partnerships and help them by supporting their IT departments in project management, development, data collection (crawling), and body leasing in order to let their IT projects grow.

Our passion for IT fuels us every day to transform simple ideas into real projects. The World Wide Web with all its necessary software for backend, frontend, and data mining is our arena.

From Denmark to Italy, our clients are located all across Europe.

We always strive for the highest quality and a fair partnership with all of our clients. In return, we are rewarded with long-lasting business relationships that we can all benefit from.

Reaching and maintaining a constantly high quality for our software developments requires us to work with a strong team of skilled IT experts and software developers. Every day.