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Being responsible in the planning and execution, practicing determined intervention in emergencies, and exploring new possibilities have always been good qualities. They have become even more important in a globalized world, in IT-driven organizations, and in combination with the possibilities of Big Data. We are your partner for this job.

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These are the key areas we are really good in:


Software Development

We develop great software with passion, a level of high expertise, and modern tools. This allows us to handle and finish even complex tasks in a short time.

We simply love good software


Project Management

What does it do? What does it cost?And when will it be ready? These are the common questions. Yet, working with people and emotions in an continuously changing market environment requires professional management in order for projects to be successful.

 Professional Project Management


Body Leasing

Everyone is talking about Big Data because it can give fascinating insight into even highly complex circumstances. But first, two tasks have to be completed: Where is the data coming from and how is it aggregated? We can solve them both!

 What Body Leasing can do for you

Living Internet

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Worldwide, we have more than 1300 Class-C-Networks for providing, SEO, and spidering-as-a-service. In Germany, we are the leading provider of crawling services in terms of competency. For you, we build astoundingly great applications with a surprisingly small team.

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It is simply good software.

Living Internet is a company that was founded in a tiny garage in the Rhein-Main area, Germany. As passionate software developers, we recognized the demand for server systems and software developments early on during our computer science studies. Throughout the following years, we have developed systems to crawl millions of web sites and evaluate the results based on the needs of our clients every day. With our services, we enable our customers to monitor their own reputation, observe the impact of their online marketing activities, or simply to keep track of what the competition is up to. Even though we have not worked in our garage for a long time, we are still doing the same thing with the same passion today: We love developing software for you. Very good software.

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